about us


We with Wayfind Collective seek to bridge the gap between:

  • you and your neighbor
  • differing houses of worship
  • various social good organizations + movements
  • assorted cultures + world views

We believe every neighborhood is full of people who are committed to loving and pursuing freedom + flourishing for others in the community; sometimes we just need a little help getting connected to the causes we care about! That’s where Wayfind comes in!



ABOUT: Linds.

FAVORITES: chai tea + green thumbing

TITLE: chief dreamer + conversation catalyst



FAVORITES: coffee + conversations

TITLE: idea generator + pod prodigy

As far back as she can remember, Deanna has been a lover of people. She has a deep passion for restoration, understanding, and empathy. Her love of community, podcasts, and all things tech led her to team up with Wayfind. Behind the mic, she’s the one without the southern drawl, and the one who will burst into song every time Lindsey accidentally recites lyrics to a song. She will never turn down a freshly made cup of coffee and a deep conversation about life. Now, more than ever, she believes that by lifting the voices of others and joining arms, change is possible in communities all around the world.

ABOUT: Steph.

FAVORITES: nikes + hugs

TITLE: workflow wizard + stat guru

Meet Steph, the enigmatic tech magician extraordinaire! With a mystical ability to unravel the most intricate Boolean expressions and tame the unruliest visionaries, she is the ultimate troubleshooter in the realm of technology.

Legend has it that when APIs become an unsolvable labyrinth, Steph emerges as the guiding light, gracefully steering the matrix switch towards a bug-free compilation.

But fear not, for beneath her genius lies a humble soul who occasionally admits to being an “idiot sandwich” in the face of challenges.

So, if you find yourself in need of a digital savior sprinkled with humor, look no further than Steph. Prepare to be spellbound as she troubleshoot the darkest corners of the tech world.

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