Frequently Asked Questions

We are people passionate about affirming the humanity in every person.
Having collectively lived in North Georgia for an extended amount of time, we’ve seen the gaps in our communities between those who want to move within the community (they just don’t know where to start) and those who desire the community to come alongside them.
After trying to figure out ways to volunteer that aligned with busy schedules, fit varying group dynamics, and were in close proximity, we discovered a great need for a catalog of all volunteer organizations/opportunities that can be used as needed and navigated effortlessly.
Basically, we love our neighbors and we love technology, so we decided to combine the two!
Requirements for being added to Wayfind’s collective:
  1. Each group’s mission, purpose, and/or calling must be *people-focused*. Though we are passionate about ALL the things, Wayfind was created to feature organizations that come alongside, support, and love humans.
  2. Acceptance of any group’s representation within the Wayfind database is exclusive to those who’s mission and vision are nonpartisan, equitable, and inclusive.
  3. Each group must serve, represent, or seek to empower a marginalized (overlooked, disregarded, minority, dehumanized, vulnerable, and/or underserved) portion of the population.
Wayfind is here to serve and represent YOU, the movers and the shakers in our communities!
Our goal is to be a hub or directory of all things people-serving, social-good movements in North Georgia. Similar to a phonebook, Wayfind seeks to organize all these groups into one place! Different from a phonebook, we will organize by category, location, and calendar!
As our website progresses, the general population will be able to jump to Wayfind, and find YOU based off of their location, their passions, or their availability! When they click on your org’s icon, they will see a snapshot of who you are, who you serve, your contact info, and how they can come alongside and partner with you! Consider it – free advertising and networking!
We are currently in beta – Phase 1 of site development – adding all orgs to our database! So we need your help to get the word out! Send our information to your favorite non-profits, organizers, and groups!
No; however, you can suggest an organziation by submitting their basic information (name of group, email address and phone number) to us via email – [email protected]
We will then reach out to them and see if they are interested in joining our collective!


Wayfind has big plans to grow as far as we can! We have already had people reach out to us about how we can help serve their communities in other states!


If this is something you are interested in helping with in your area, please email us at [email protected] and tell us where you are and all about your ideas!
Heck yeah!


We desperately want people just like you to catch our vision and join us! We have big plans for the future and need all the help we can get! But we have no way to find you; we need you to reach out to us!


Please – give us a shout! Email us at [email protected] and tell us all about yourself, your calling, why you think we need to work together, etc! Include your phone number!


We promise – we’ll be in touch!